What is LandServer?

Get to know your woods! LandServer provides woodland owners with a quick and easy assessment of their property's natural resources including soils, wildlife, and water. Knowing more about your woods can help you better enjoy them and keep them working for you. LandServer also estimates your eligibility to receive payments for implementing conservation actions. You can access your report(s) with your secure User ID and password.

LandServer produces reports by analyzing a robust database of geographic, environmental, physical, and other data sets. Here are a few of the data sets used to estimate landowner eligibility for conservation funding:

Forest Conservation

Land use
Agricultural zoning
Distance from water bodies
National Wetlands Inventory
Maryland Natural Heritage Sensitive Species Project Review Areas
Spring discharge points
K value
Chesapeake Bay Program Ecological Network
Green Infrastructure
Forest Legacy area
303(d) listed streams
Forest Interior Dwelling Species habitat

Habitat /Biodiversity

Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture priority watersheds
Trout Unlimited Conservation Success Index
Occupied trout streams
Maryland Targeted Ecological Areas
Maryland Potential for Biodiversity-based Wetland Restoration analysis
Delaware Natural Heritage data
Mature forest
Species ranges

Water quality

State nutrient trading basins
Nutrient loading hotspots


Maryland wetland restoration and protection potential analyses
Hydric soils
Land use
Maryland Wetlands of Special State Concern

Conservation Programs

Land use
Chesapeake Bay Program Ecological Network
Erodible soils
Maryland Wetland Restoration Potential analysis
Distance from water bodies
Impaired streams

LandServer is administered through a partnership of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay's Forests for the Bay program and the Pinchot Institute for Conservation. LandServer was developed by the Pinchot Institute with major support from the USDA Forest Service.

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